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Amanda Lilleston Exhibits at The Printmaking Center of New Jersey


Somatic Landscapes, an exhibition showcasing Amanda Lilleston’s (MFA 2012) digital prints and woodblock collages created in residency at The Printmaking Center of New Jersey in August 2014, is open through May 16, 2015. This body of work is comprised of . 

An excerpt from the artist statement: 

My body is a living transcript of my experience in the world. Scars line the skin of my knees and chin: remnants of childhood adventures and athletic failures. Tan marks and freckles catalog days in the lake. Fused spinal discs indicate hard athletic wear on a young body. A glimpse at my blood cells might take you back in to my childhood if you see antibodies for scarlet fever, or it may illuminate a raucous battle between my immune system and my own cells. I have hard callouses on the tips of my toes from running, and a hotspot in my palm and splinters on my knuckles from carving wood. A body can tell a functional story of a life.

I was trained as a ecological biologist; in this sense I consider a biological being or system as the result of geological, chemical, physical and behavioral interactions over time. In my art practice, as well as my laboratory job at the University of Michigan Medical School, I tend to look at a human as I might look at a landscape, discerning unique characteristics that indicate a specialized relationship with their environment. Sometimes all we can learn about a person is how their physical body was shaped by their life; a clear interpretation of someone’s physical existence.

Somatic Landscapes
March 21 — May 162015
Gallery hours: Tuesday — Friday, 10am — 4pm; Saturdays, Noon — 4pm
The Printmaking Center of New Jersey
440 River Rd
Branchburg, NJ 08876