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Allen Samuels Proposes New Field Hospital Equipment Design

Alan samuels 2
Image courtesy of Allen Samuels. 

Allen Samuels, industrial designer and Stamps School Emeritus Professor and Dean, has designed a one patient, mobile, isolation and treatment unit for emergency field hospital settings. 

Samuels’ design proposal aims to streamline the challenges of emergency field hospital set-up. His design proposes a self-contained, mobile, fold-out space for individual patients. The space includes an integral bed, walls, power, lighting, ventilation, a translucent cover and more all on wheels. According to Samuels, the space can be opened in minutes and set up by one person. 

I am seeking a collaboration that could assess, refine and further develop the design resulting in prototypes that could be used and tested for viability,” Samuels said. 

For those interested in more information and details, please contact Allen Samuels, allenall@​umich.​edu