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Allen Samuels Featured in Innovation

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Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus Allen Samuels’ essay, Not a Job, Not Just a Profession, It is Industrial Design,” was featured in the summer issue of INNOVATION, the the journal of the Industrial Designer’s Society of America. 

The article examines what it means to be an industrial designer — and how industrial design can be utilized to create positive change in the word.

Excerpts from the essay: 

Our work both challenges and demonstrates our ability to make insightful observations about the world we live in, to formulate unique and extraordinary problem statements, to conceptualize, to imagine, to visualize, model, test, assess, refine, and ultimately, to resolve problems to significance and produce useful, safe, functional, understandable, and beautiful mass-produced products.”

Industrial design is a way of life. It is about having rather unique and broad point of view and being able to understand what was, being aware of what is, and being preoccupied with what can be.” 

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