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Allen Samuels Designs Play Spaces for Children

In this scale model of a play space for children, the center pathway accommodates children who are walking or rolling in a wheelchair.  Non-sighted children follow the inner edge as they find their way to tactile-touch experiences.

Stamps Pro­fes­sor Emer­i­tus Allen Samuels is cur­rently design­ing play devices to enable all chil­dren, includ­ing non-sighted chil­dren and chil­dren in wheel­chairs, to engage and play seam­lessly together safely while accom­mo­dat­ing spe­cial needs when required. 

One exam­ple, shown here, is a hor­i­zon­tal plane with a walk-through path that accom­mo­dates wheel­chair users, and con­tains tac­tile cues for non-sighted chil­dren. Along the path­way, chil­dren come upon hands-in sta­tions that pro­vide tac­tile-touch expe­ri­ences, includ­ing hot, cold, smooth, rough, mov­ing, sta­tic, fury, breezy, and more. 

The photo shows a scale sketch model. The cen­ter path­way accom­mo­dates chil­dren who are walk­ing or rolling in a wheel­chair. Non-sighted chil­dren fol­low the inner edge as they find their way to tac­tile-touch experiences.