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Allen Samuels: Design to Aid Florida Hurricane Victims

A model lies in a mocked up sleep tray

A new design by Stamps Professor and Dean Emeritus Allen Samuels may be able to provide relief to people affected by the recent hurricane in Florida and housed in various temporary shelters like schools, warehouses, and gymnasiums.

My design of a one piece, die cut, white, paperboard sleep tray can sleep one adult or two children. The sleep tray would be fabricated, shipped flat and folded on site. The sleep tray provides a safe, clean and delineated personnel space. The sleep trays can be spaced close together for a family and apart for individuals. Information can be written on the paperboard and used to identify and count users in a particular shelter. Additional inserts of corrugated paperboard can be added to the center to add a softer sleep surface. After use, the trays can be recycled. 

Samuels is seeking box fabricators in and near Florida willing to fabricate and distribute his design. Financial support to fund tray fabrication is also being sought.