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48217: The Stamps Pollution Mural Project

48217 is known as Michigan’s most polluted zip code due to several businesses like an oil refinery, power generation stations, and a salt mine that are located in that area and emit pollutants into the air. 

Community activists and leaders are working to draw attention to the poor air quality in the community near Detroit. Together, they teamed up with Stamps Professor Joe Trumpey and his students in the Fall of 2022 to create a series of murals in the community. 

The students created murals with beautiful images and messages such as Clean Air Matters” to help raise awareness of the ongoing issues that residents living in the 48217 zip code face daily. 

Community activist Theresa Landrum and others worked with the class on the best way to communicate the problem’s urgency. Landrum helped the class meet with building owners willing to have part of their building painted with a mural. 

Listen to Trumpey, Landrum, and Stamps students about this bold community project.