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3D Foundations Students Exhibit in Creal Microgallery

Nine small-scale sculptures are shown in a single image.

Small scale sculptures by Studio:3D foundations students are on view in a juried exhibition titled Scale & Substance at Creal Microgallery. This unconventional gallery space on Creal Crescent in Ann Arbor is only 10“x1216,” about the size of a microwave.

The exhibition is the culmination of a mini-assignment in Sally Cleggs 3D foundations class. Students were invited to work with a material, process, and subject matter of their own choosing. In the span of a week, students developed an idea and made sketches/​plans, created and documented their pieces, and wrote an accompanying statement about their work, with the goal of communicating meaning in 3D to a new audience outside of the class community. The only formal constraint was a maximum scale of ten cubic inches. 

Students created a diverse range of pieces on a wide array of subjects, which were then juried by guest critic and visiting artist Eleanor Anderson (Cranbrook 22). Students also received guidance during this process from Creal Microgallery founder and curator Joe Levickas, who visited class to describe the curatorial mission of the gallery, and spoke about additional considerations surrounding scale (what is the difference between small-scale work and miniatures? How can scale be applied beyond physical size to the content of the work itself, such as small joys and accomplishments?) Levickas, who is the Director of Arts at Michigan, also shared about the opportunities that his organization offers to Stamps undergraduate students such as grants and events. 

Exhibiting artists: Grace Biebel, Haylee Bohm, Skylar Farah, Colin Hunter, Jonas Pflaumer, Ria Garcia Rivera, Daniela Silva, Bella Spagnuolo, and Xochitl Trevino-Kwasnik.