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2023 MFA Thesis Projects

Seven for a Secret Never to be Told

The Stamps School of Art & Design’s Master of Fine Arts program has recently graduated a new cohort of talented artists. Their thesis work, showcased in a captivating art exhibition titled Seven for a Secret Never to be Told, explored themes of consumerism, migration, war, the body in nature, shame, and memory. The artists used various mediums to create pieces that were thought-provoking and dynamic. Their work invited viewers to reflect on their own experiences and relationships with the world around them. The 2023 graduating MFA cohort displayed exceptional creativity and technical skill, leaving a lasting impression on the art world.

Oksana Bruikhovetska

Oksana Bruikhovetska’s thesis project is a deeply moving exploration of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its devastating impact on countless individuals. Through a series of tapestries, Oksana seeks to raise awareness of the war’s human toll and encourage viewers to learn from the tragedy and hopes for peace and reconciliation.

Her work highlights the resilience and strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. She talks about the use of flowers and their double meaning. Using flowers as a symbol to convey different messages and emotions and express love, appreciation, and respect. Also used as a way to honor the dead. Through her art, she seeks to humanize the conflict and inspire empathy and understanding while highlighting the need for accountability and justice for those suffering.

Emerson Granillo

Emerson Granillo’s thesis project is a deeply personal exploration of the themes of shame, focusing specifically on identity, learning disabilities, and institutional contexts. Through a range of multimedia works, including installations, videos, and performance art, Emerson seeks to challenge the stigmatization while also critiquing the institutions and power structures that perpetuate these injustices.

Their installation includes a range of experiences that challenge these themes, from performance art pieces that invite viewers to engage with and confront their own feelings of shame and discomfort to a celebration at the end. Emerson’s thesis project is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of the intersection of disability, identity, and power. Through their art, they seek to challenge societal norms and inspire greater empathy, understanding, and social change.

Michelle Hinojosa

Michelle Hinojosa’s thesis project highlights her family’s unique migration experiences through various multimedia works, including quilting, bold colors, and poetry. Michelle’s project documents the cultural practices that have been passed down within her own family. By doing so, she is helping preserve and celebrate the diversity and richness of Latinx culture while raising awareness of the impact of migration and systemic injustices on this community.

Overall, Michelle’s thesis project is a moving and powerful testament to the resilience and strength of the Latinx community. Through her art, she seeks to challenge dominant narratives and stereotypes around migration while also honoring this vibrant community’s rich cultural heritage and experiences.

Nick Lamarca

Nick Lamarca’s thesis project explores the second-hand seller market of sneakers, a growing phenomenon in the world of fashion and sneaker culture. Through his research and analysis, Nick sheds light on the trends and behaviors that drive this market, from the motivations of buyers, sellers, and the industry.

Nick’s work includes a detailed examination of how this industry affects the true collector, aka Sneaker Head, around the ethical issues involved in this market. To illustrate his findings, Nick presents a range of interviews with individuals from sneakerheads to resellers to industry insiders. Through his in-depth research and compelling storytelling, Nick provides a fascinating and thought-provoking exploration of this growing subculture within the larger world of fashion and consumerism.

Sebastian Llovera

Sebastian Llovera’s thesis project is a fascinating exploration of the intersection of nature and technology, focusing specifically on how Artificial Systems (AI) and fungi talk to each other. Representing two different yet complementary systems that interact and shape our understanding of the world. You’ll see different sculptures, cyanotypes, and videos of how the two talk. Through his artwork, Sebastian demonstrates how these two seemingly opposing systems can work together to create more holistic approaches to understanding and engaging with the natural world. 

Sebastian’s thesis project is a thought-provoking and visually stunning exploration of the complex and dynamic relationship between nature and technology. By examining the unique strengths of these two systems, he offers a new perspective on how we can work towards a more sustainable world.

Peter Stack

Peter Stack’s thesis project is a fascinating exploration of the human form in nature and challenges traditional ideas about the body in nature. Using sculpture and photography, Peter examines how the human body interacts with natural environments and how artistic representation can express this relationship.

Peter explores the human body’s textures, shapes, and movements through aparlor series of photographs as it interacts with various natural landscapes, from forests and beaches to mountains and deserts. He uses various materials and techniques to create his sculptures, including the silicon mold of his body and plants.

Overall, Peter’s thesis project is a thought-provoking and visually stunning exploration of the human form in nature and how artistic representation can challenge our preconceived notions of the naked body.

Seven for a Secret Never to be Told is on view at Stamps Gallery through April 292023.