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2021 Integrated Product Development Competition: Increasing Self-Sufficiency & Life Control

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Integrated Product Development (IPD) is a cross-disciplinary experiential product design and development course in which cross-functional teams of art & design, business, engineering, and information students design and manufacture a consumer product; design and cost out its manufacturing process; place it in the context of a larger business proposal; and compete with their product against other student teams in an economic market competition.

This month, four IPD student teams are competing to design and produce a product which will help people gain an increased sense of self-sufficiency and life control, suitable for use by people living in household circumstances. The competition happens online, via a virtual trade show, entitled Increasing Self-Sufficiency & Life Control: IPD Trade Show. During the online trade show, the public is able to vote with their wallets” in the IPD Online Trade Show. From April 14 – 20 visitors can browse the teams’ product websites, learn more about the products, and spend a virtual $200 budget on their favorites. Visit the IPD Online Trade Show event page to learn more and cast your vote. This event is free and open to the public. 

IPD Challenge Background
The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted human life enormously. People fell ill by the millions, many dying, and even people who did not get sick coped with life disruptions in access to health care and education services, job losses, restrictions on movement, and suspension of all activity involving large-scale live gatherings of people. Material goods ranging from yeast and toilet paper to laptop computers and home appliances became unavailable as lifestyles changed suddenly to lockdown mode. Political controversy and civil unrest troubled many nations and communities. As a result of the pandemic, many people long to gain an increased sense of self-sufficiency and life control.

Establishment of Sarah S. Murphy Prize
The winning team of the Winter 2021 Integrated Product Development competition will be recipients of the inaugural Sarah S. Murphy Prize. Administered by the Stamps School of Art & Design, this prize of $5,000 was initiated by the Murphy family in honor of Sarah S. Murphy.

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