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Stamps graduate students are skilled practitioners who are eager to make work that makes a difference. Our research-based, trans-disciplinary, post-studio approach takes shape in both of our two-year graduate programs: the MDes in Integrative Design and the MFA in Art.

Both pro­grams draw on the resources, col­lab­o­ra­tion, and schol­ar­ship only avail­able at a top tier research uni­ver­sity. Grad­u­ate stu­dents work with lead­ing artists and design­ers from around the world, schol­ars and researchers from across the uni­ver­sity, and have access to cut­ting-edge resources and facil­i­ties within U‑M’s 100 top-ranked programs.

The Stamps School offers gen­er­ous finan­cial sup­port, from stipends and dis­cre­tionary funds that off­set stu­dio expenses to teaching/​research assist­ant­ships and full tuition waivers.

Mdes 2016

MDes in Integrative Design

The Master of Design (MDes) in Integrative Design emphasizes a dynamic mix of cross-disciplinary collaboration and problem-based inquiry. The program’s structure is project-based and student-centered, bringing together working teams of graduate design students and professionals to engage complex social problems that require development of new knowledge and integrative design solutions.

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MFA in Art

Stamps Master of Fine Arts students join a supportive, curiosity-filled culture of makers and scholars. Idea and material work together at Stamps, as the curriculum supports students in the creation of culturally relevant work with a clearly articulated context. Graduates leave the Stamps MFA program with a newfound clarity on how their work reflects and intersects with the world-at-large.

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