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Zach Feldman: Der Geist Meiner Zeit


October 1 – 10, 2013


In-person Event



Open to the public
Free of charge

This exhibition of work by Zach Feldman aims to display the zeitgeist, or spirit, of his time spent in Atlanta and Berlin in the summer of 2013.

The German word, Zeitgeist,” refers to the mentality of a particular setting, categorized by its intellectual thought and culture. All art is a reflection of its time and must be viewed as artifacts that reflect the artists’ mindset at a specific moment in time. This show aims to display the spirit of my time spent in Atlanta and Berlin this summer. I spent a total of 9 weeks in Berlin studying and working as an artist assistant. Many of these works reflect not only this broader international experience, but are products of a particular emotion, thought, or experience from a specific point in time. I intend to encompass both the mundane and the extraordinary experiences of the Summer of 2013 through this show.

Exhibition Dates: October 1 — October 10, 2013
Reception: Friday, October 4, 4:30 — 5:00 pm

The Warren Robbins Gallery closed in July, 2014.