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October 30 – December 5, 2009


In-person Event

Work: Detroit


Open to the public
Free of charge

TIME at WORK • Detroit
Opening Reception : October 30th 6 pm — 9 pm

Performance/​Screening starts at 7:00 pm. Hosted by Dew Drop Lady (aka Danielle Abrams), and featuring: Satori Circus, Frank Pahl, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Adrianne Finelli, Tirtza Even and Toby Millman, Askia Bilal, Michael Borowski, and more. Also: ongoing endurance performance by Melanie Manos. 

TIME in the gallery features work by Jim Nawara, Elona Van Gent, John Kannenberg, Scott Northrup, Ted Kennedy, Kevin Beasley, Ruth Wallen, Michael Borowski, Uncle Art, Gary Schwartz, Frank Pahl, Ryan Standfest, Katie Martineau-Caron, and Melanie Manos.

Plus, come make work that moves in time with the Mindstream Animation Station (featuring kit by Mark Mothersbaugh)!

Additional Screening Events

Thursday, November 5th 7 pm — 9 pm
Ann Arbor Film Festival hosts a screening of the 47th AAFF Tour Reel

Tuesday, November 17th, 7pm-9pm
An Evening of films from and about Palestine 
Curated by Toby Millman and Tirtza Even

Work: Detroit
Work: Detroit closed in July, 2014.