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The Wanderings of Donald Coyote

The Wanderingsof Donald Coyote

February 12 – 28, 2014


In-person Event



Open to the public
Free of charge

The Wanderings of Donald Coyote
February 12 – 28
Opening reception: February 157pm
Curator: Trevor King

The Wanderings of Donald Coyote is a body of work based largely on a journal of introspective thought and reflection from an experiential research trip to remote regions of the Himalaya in western and central Nepal. 

While traveling, artist Trevor King wrote in his journal under the alias Donald Coyote, a clumsy wanderer based on Don Quixote. His tales range from high altitude traverses on mountain passes, encounters with hypnotic crickets, and a curiosity to understand the human vessel through local rice wine. Much like the journal, this installation seeks to blend fact and fiction, exploring the interplay between physical experience and psychological phenomena.

The Warren Robbins Gallery closed in July, 2014.