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The [De]constructed Landscape

Deconstructed Landscape

January 26 – February 11, 2014


In-person Event



Open to the public
Free of charge

The [De]constructed Landscape
January 26-February 11
Opening Reception: January 27, 12 – 1pm
Curator: Joshua Kochis

The [De]constructed Landscape is a collaborative exhibition showcasing work created by Josh Kochis, Michael Connelly, and Anica Presley. Through personal exploration in a variety of media, each artist questions the dynamic relationship between human beings and the environment. Public and private spaces, mediation of natural resources, and suburban sprawl are all factors that drive their individual creative processes. The collection documents an ongoing search for inspiration in an age where human interaction with the natural world is increasingly digital and isolated. With greater access to organic imagery and information, we also develop an artificial understanding of our immediate and remote surroundings.

The Warren Robbins Gallery closed in July, 2014.