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Respond/ Resist/ Rethink 2023

An Exhibition of Student Art for Change

Arts & Resistance / Respond/ Resist/ Rethink 2023: An Exhibition of Student Art for Change

November 3 – December 9, 2023


In-person Event

Stamps Gallery
201 South Division Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104


Open to the public
Free of charge

In conjunction with the Fall 2023 Theme Semester: Arts & Resistance, Stamps Gallery is partnering with the U‑M Arts Initiative to expand the 4th annual Respond/​Resist/​Rethink student art exhibition. All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, or Flint U‑M campuses in Fall 2023 are invited to apply to this juried exhibition that explores what can be done to create more just and equitable futures in the 21st Century and beyond.

The 2023 exhibition will include art of a variety of mediums and will be displayed in four galleries across all three U‑M campuses, including Stamps Gallery (Central Campus, Ann Arbor), Duderstadt Center Gallery (North Campus, Ann Arbor), Riverbank Arts (Flint), and Stamelos Gallery (Dearborn).

The arts play a central role in shaping cultural and political narratives. Artists, designers and creatives of diverse backgrounds have been at the forefront of social change by offering alternate models and ways of thinking, making and creating that do not perpetuate dominant regimes. Creative processes have been used time and again to reveal under-told stories and to resist simple narratives. Regardless of one’s personal politics, an artwork’s potential to change hearts and minds is urgent and necessary. 

Respond/​Resist/​Rethink invites students to leverage their creativity to (re)imagine what they can do to create a more just and equitable community in the spaces that they inhabit.

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 2023, U‑M students submitted artworks through an open call process. A final list of artworks were chosen for the exhibition by a Selection Committee made up of U‑M faculty, staff, and students. 

The 2023 RRR Selection Committee members are: Pedram Baldari, Jim Cogswell, Laura Cotton, Nalani Duarte, Adrienne Frank, Benjamin Gaydos, Kathryn Grabowski-Khairullah, Quinn Hunter, Ikalanni Jahi, Jennifer Junkermeier-Khan, Joe Levickas, Srimoyee Mitra, Kathi Reister, Chloe Schans, and Grace Sirman. 

The 2023 RRR Curatorial Committee members are: Laura Cotton, Nalani Duarte, Benjamin Gaydos, Kathryn Grabowski-Khairullah, Srimoyee Mitra, and Kathi Reister. 

The 2023 RRR Organizing Committee members are: Chris Audain, Adrienne Frank, Kathryn Grabowski-Khairullah, Jennifer Junkermeier-Khan, Joe Levickas, Srimoyee Mitra, and Joe Rohrer. 

Respond/​Resist/​Rethink: An Exhibition of Student Art for Change is co-presented by Stamps Gallery and Arts Initiative in partnership with the Duderstadt Center Gallery, Riverbank Arts, and Stamelos Gallery.

Stamps Gallery

201 South Division Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

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