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In the Midst


August 10 – 28, 2009


In-person Event



Open to the public
Free of charge

In the Midst: a show of work in progress by Emily Orzech
August 10 — 28 at Warren Robbins Gallery

Artist’s Statement:

In the Midst brings together a body of work made over the past six months that comes out of time spent documenting Detroit in combination with two international experiences, one in China (summer 2008) and one in Europe (summer 2009). 

Over the last year I have been working on developing a style of ink drawing based on my background in etching and Chinese art history, where I paint an architectural element or pattern of elements in sumi ink and then wash them away, gradually building up a haze on the surface of the paper like dust on a windshield. 

As my ink drawings have developed I have reintroduced etching, along with recently learned techniques in lithography and silkscreen to build up layered prints. This show uses the gallery as a laboratory where I can experiment with the combinations and connections between the works and develop methods of presentation in order to establish a foundation for my thesis. 
I invite you to join in this process by stopping by the gallery this month.

The Warren Robbins Gallery closed in July, 2014.