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Farmer as Creative

Timj trumpey8

October 17 – November 14, 2014


In-person Event

Work: Ann Arbor


Open to the public
Free of charge

Farmer as Creative
Oct. 17 — Nov. 14 at Work Gallery
Exhi­bi­tion Open­ing Recep­tion: Tues­day, Octo­ber 21, 5 — 8 pm
Curated by Joe Trumpey

Food comes from farms. Pro­duc­ing food requires farm­ers to work cre­atively. Each farmer has his/​her own goals in mind – per­haps to become more pro­duc­tive or effi­cient, to improve soil health or water qual­ity, or to breed sounder live­stock lines. Accord­ing to their own skills and inter­ests they invent new tools, build new machines, reor­ga­nize infra­struc­ture, uti­lize inno­v­a­tive prac­tices, develop new mar­kets, reclaim brown fields, cook good food, build new com­mu­nity, or orga­nize social struc­tures. Mini-farm, mega-farm, organic, con­ven­tional, indi­vid­ual, fam­ily-run, urban, rural, chaotic, metic­u­lous, trac­tor-pow­ered, ani­mal-pow­ered— farm­ing is a diverse and cre­ative process.

Work: Ann Arbor

Work: Ann Arbor is closed.