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Detroit Connections 2010

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May 14 – June 11, 2010


In-person Event

Work: Detroit


Open to the public
Free of charge

Detroit Connections 2010 : A selection of images from this past year’s collaboration

May 14th — June 11th2010

Detroit Connections is a community-school partnership that promotes active citizenry, develops students’ leadership abilities, and brings together individuals from distinctly different backgrounds to co-create and share resources. The central goal of Detroit Connections is to engage University of Michigan Art & Design students as artists by providing opportunities for meaningful exchange and collaboration with Detroit’s children and communities. Detroit Connections faculty guide class participants to Marcus Garvey Academy (in Detroit’s East Side) to lead arts programming and collaborate with fourth graders on both personal and public art projects. The program promotes both the college and elementary students’ artistic development, and builds lasting relationships between the two groups. 

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Work: Detroit
Work: Detroit closed in July, 2014.