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Creators Collect

Creators collect new

September 10 – October 5, 2010


In-person Event



Open to the public
Free of charge

Curated by Ed West

The exhibition draws on the personal collections of A&D faculty and staff, highlighting the A&D community’s diverse source and resource for creative work. As cultural workers and producers of visual culture, the A&D community is uniquely positioned to engage the fuller world of images and objects. What is loved is examined, what is examined we desire to acquire — from this is born the collection — related groupings of images and objects that feed our imagination, serving as daily talismans of what we value and as inspiration for our own production.

As artists and designers our collections range from mid-century modern furniture, to outsider art, popular culture advertising and ephemera, et​.al. We have populated our lives with professional resources such as graphic novels, portfolios of other’s work, machines and mechanisms.

This exhibition calls creators to share their collections of images and/​or objects that they have accumulated primarily for personal pleasure, providing a rare opportunity for these works to be on public view. This exhibition runs from September 10 — October 15 in Slusser Gallery.

Slusser Gallery is permanently closed.