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Common Room

An EMU/Stamps Faculty Exhibition

EMU STAMPS Exhibition 2015

October 21 – November 14, 2015


In-person Event



Open to the public
Free of charge

The exhibition Common Room finds connections between a selection of artists from the art department faculties of Eastern Michigan University and the Stamps School of Art and Design. Working alongside Curator Laura Mott, student curatorial interns from both universities conducted research on the artwork of all full-time faculty. The premise of the exhibition was created based on the discovery of common interests between many artists into other fields of study — biology, sociology, psychology, economy, technology, ecology, politics, and social justice. The artworks in the exhibition incorporate knowledge and/​or aesthetics from these disciplines, which are as diverse as the academic offerings on the respective campuses.

The theme is complemented by the exhibition design. Slusser Gallery at Stamps School of Art and Design has been divided and reimagined as other rooms: The Living Room, The Greenhouse, The Laboratory, The Annex. Each room contains artworks that could conceivably or conceptually exist within these spaces. The exhibition speaks to artistic research into expanded fields of inquiry, and furthermore, how art contributes to larger questions about contemporary life and society.

Curated by Laura Mott, Curator of Contemporary Art and Design at Cranbrook Art Museum, with curatorial interns Francesca Kielb (UofM), Lauren Mleczko (EMU), and Emily Weir (EMU).

Exhibition Dates: October 21 — November 142015
Reception: Friday, November 6, 6 — 8 pm
Jean Paul Slusser Gallery, 1st Floor Art & Architecture Building

Exhibiting artists/​designers

Corrie Baldauf, John DeHoog, Jason Ferguson, Brooks Harris-Stevens, Andrew Maniotes, Brian Nelson, Michael Reedy, Chris Reilly. 

Carol Jacobsen, Matt Kenyon, Osman Khan, Heidi Kumao, Janie Paul, Marianetta Porter, Stephanie Rowden, Brad Smith, Sherri Smith, Bruce Tharp, Stephanie Tharp, Joe Trumpey, Elona Van Gent

Slusser Gallery is permanently closed.