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November 30 – December 28, 2012


In-person Event

Work: Detroit


Open to the public
Free of charge

Curated by Gualberto Orozco

Work • Detroit
November 30th, 2012 — December 28th2012
Opening Reception: November 30th, 6 — 9 pm

Immigration is an issue that affects people living both inside and outside our borders. In many cases, people do not realize just how close to home these issues lie. There are preconceived notions of the United States: either as the land of opportunity or an arrogant powerhouse. US citizens sometimes stereotype immigrant as either hard-working, determined people, or foreigners threatening their way of life. And this dialogue is as prevalent now as it has been throughout the history of this country.

The topics of citizenship, naturalization, assimilation, deportation, human trafficking, demographics and patriotism resurface in debates about immigration time and time again. Clandestine” invites creative thinkers and makers in all media to explore these issues.

Deadlines: Submissions are due November 9th, 2012
Notification will be sent to artists via e‑mail
Accepted work should be dropped off at Work • Detroit between November 19th26th, 2012

Please include a brief statement about the work and image or plan of work.

Work: Detroit
Work: Detroit closed in July, 2014.