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Arts & Bodies

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December 18, 2009 – January 15, 2010


In-person Event

Work: Detroit


Open to the public
Free of charge

Exhibition Reception: Friday, January 8, 6 — 9:00 pm

Arts & Bodies / December 18 2009 — January 152010

Thinkers and makers share creative work that illuminates the relationship between art and the body. 

Kristin Kurzawa
Anita Schmaltz
Brandon Boan
Erin Schudlich
Emily Taylor
Erin Sullivan Fournier
Emilia Javanica
Kathy Leisen
Loralei R. Byatt
Adam David Buttrick
Mary Laredo Herbeck
Rebecca Vogel
Robert Darabos
Eleanor Rubin
Wendy Ross
Sarah Berkeley
John Kannenberg
Jaclyn Vansloten
Cristobal Mendoza
Stephen William Schudlich
Sudandyo W. Aprilianto
Jessica Guidry

Arts on Earth is a university-wide initiative that stimulates, explores, and celebrates the dynamic relationship between people and their arts worldwide.

People often speak of their experience of the arts as transcendent” — transcending normal human limits of performance and perception, speaking directly to the transcendent soul.” Yet art is inescapably made by corporeal beings, whose very corporeality determines the media, methods, instruments, forms, colors, tones, and materials through which we create. Furthermore, the very experience of transcendence is a corporeal one, determined by the state of the sensory and cognitive apparatus of the perceiver of creative work. Finally, the production of art can take a heavy toll on artists’ bodies, through the absorption of lead, the stresses of poverty and creative work, and the punishment of muscles, joints, vocal cords, eyes, and other body parts. The purpose of Arts & Bodies is to explore the dynamic, tortured, joyful, complex relationship between our arts and our bodies across epochs and cultures.

Work: Detroit
Work: Detroit closed in July, 2014.