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January 18 – February 15, 2013


In-person Event

Work: Ann Arbor


Open to the public
Free of charge

Exhibition Dates: January 18 — February 152013
Opening Reception: January 18, 7 — 10 pm
WORK • Ann Arbor

There is a push and pull between where the art begins and where the artist ends. In our exhibition, we want to focus on that space where the viewer of the art becomes very important to what an art piece means, to what an artist says, and to the dynamic that ultimately puts a name to an artist and their work.

Anonymous will be an interactive space in which the audience chooses to develop a relationship with the art and artists on a very level ground, with all serving each other and sharing importance. The pieces will remain anonymous, but will be accompanied by an artist statement. In addition to the written artist statement, we will take the time to sit with each artist and hold an interview to be played one after the other throughout the whole gallery. The recorded statements will pick up the subtleties of the artists distinct personalities and idiosyncrasies that writing has the ability to mask . It will become a voluntary matching game. With the constant playing of the various artist voices, viewers can connect to thoughts and concepts that intrigue them as they peruse the gallery to ï¬nd that corresponding piece. There will be this flow between the statements, the people and the work that represents the space between push and pull, where everything comes together in a sort of momentary harmony.

The exhibition will be juried.

Work: Ann Arbor
Work: Ann Arbor is closed.