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Ah humanity!

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March 15 – April 1, 2016


In-person Event

Work: Ann Arbor


Open to the public
Free of charge

In part­ner­ship with the 54th Ann Arbor Film Fes­ti­val, Ernst Karel will present his col­lab­o­ra­tive project Ah human­ity! at the Work Gallery, 306 S State St, Ann Arbor, from March 15 — April 1. Ah human­ity! was cre­ated by Karel in con­junc­tion with Véréna Par­avel and Lucien Cas­taing- Taylor.

An instal­la­tion for video and four-chan­nel audio, Ah human­ity! reflects on the fragility and folly of human­ity in the age of the Anthro­pocene. Tak­ing the 3/11/11 dis­as­ter of Fukushima as its point of depar­ture, it evokes an apoc­a­lyp­tic vision of moder­nity, and our predilec­tion for his­tor­i­cal amne­sia and futur­is­tic flights of fancy. The images were shot on a tele­phone through a hand­held tele­scope, at once close to and far from its sub­ject, while the audio com­po­si­tion com­bines empty excerpts from Japan­ese gen­baku and related film sound­tracks, audio record­ings from seis­mic lab­o­ra­to­ries, and loca­tion sound. He will present a talk about the work at the gallery at 3pm on Thurs­day, March 17th

Ernst Karel makes elec­troa­coustic music and exper­i­men­tal non­fic­tion sound works for mul­ti­chan­nel instal­la­tion and per­for­mance. His recent projects are edited/​composed using unprocessed loca­tion record­ings; in per­for­mance he some­times com­bines these with ana­log elec­tron­ics to cre­ate pieces which move between the abstract and the doc­u­men­tary. He has done sound work on many non-fic­tion films includ­ing Sweet­grass, Leviathan and The Iron Min­istry. Karel is also a lec­turer on Anthro­pol­ogy at Har­vard Uni­ver­sity, where he teaches a class in sonic ethnography.

Work: Ann Arbor

Work: Ann Arbor is closed.

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