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Digital Painting

ARTDES 326.001, Fall 2024


Credit Hours: 3
Semester: Fall 2024

Prerequisites: ANY ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: ARTDES 205: Intro to Painting: Organizing Visual Space, ARTDES 270: Visualizing and Depicting Ideas.

Description: This course focuses on using digital tools for creating images. Projects involve digital painting (alone and in combination with scanned images drawn on paper) and manipulation of photographic images (capture, distortion, addition and subtraction of elements, compositing, etc.) Students create work intended for both print and digital publishing, and the course includes an introduction to animated illustration.” Suggested hardware and software: Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (includes access to all Adobe software), electronic drawing tablet and stylus, camera. Minimum requirements: Facility with Photoshop and Illustrator (any version).

Frequency: This course is typically offered in the fall term of even-numbered years, though scheduling may vary according to future term circumstances.