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Intro to Photography

ARTDES 255.001, Fall 2024


Credit Hours: 3
Semester: Fall 2024

Prerequisites: All OF THE FOLLOWING: ARTDES 115: Studio: 2D.

Description: This course introduces students to concepts and tools of digital photography processes and practices. Students learn about the technology and use of digital cameras; framing, lighting and shooting photographs; scanning, enlarging, editing and processing of images; and techniques and methods of digital printing. Readings, demonstrations and lectures provide conceptual and technical background for creative and critical photographic practices and discussions as well as expose students to historic and contemporary photographic images and ideas. This course offers the student a basic understanding of photographic image formation while stressing fundamental elements of visual notation. This is not a chemical (darkroom) photography course, and students are expected to learn the basic operations of their digital cameras before the second class meeting. Students work on projects that explore technique and the expressive possibilities of the medium.

Frequency: This course is typically offered in every fall term as well as in the winter term of even-numbered years, though scheduling may vary according to future term circumstances.