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Applying to Stamps

What kind of grades do I need to have to get into Stamps?

Students admitted to Stamps have an average GPA of 3.7, an average ACT of 29 and an average SAT of 1300 (verbal and math). Don’t forget, these are averages, not minimums - and academics are only part of our admissions evaluation. Your portfolio is going to count for about 50% of our admissions decision.

What do I put in my portfolio and how do I submit it?

Your portfolio is an expression of who you are as a creative thinker and maker. Choose pieces that best reflect that. Your portfolio is going to count for about 50% of our admissions decision.

Visit our portfolio guidelines page for more details. Keep in mind that your application will be considered complete only after you have submitted your portfolio.

What is National Portfolio Day and why should I attend?

National Portfolio Day is a college fair for art and design schools, with the added benefit that students can have their portfolios reviewed by school representatives. It is an opportunity to have access to dozens of schools from around the country in one place. There are many National Portfolio Day events throughout the country, from September to January. Visit our Admissions Events page to view a list of NPDA events Stamps will attend.

Can I visit and get a tour of Stamps?

Yes, we’d love to have you visit! In fact, visiting is one of the best ways to get a feel for Stamps. When you visit us, you'll meet with a member of our Stamps admissions team, tour our facilities, and have the option to share your portfolio. You can schedule a visit here.

Does Stamps offer pre-college programs for High School students?

Yes, we have multiple pre-college programs for high school students. BFA Preview is our 3-week residential program. Portfolio Prep is our 2-week residential program. We also offer Drawing for Artists & Designers, a weekday evening commuter program for local students.

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About the Program

What majors does the school offer?

We have one of the most interdisciplinary programs in the country. While there are ample opportunities to study specific disciplines including graphic design, illustration, animation, and product design, our educational goal is to provide a broad base of technical and conceptual skills that you can apply to a wide range of creative careers. That’s why Stamps offers only one major — art and design.  Learn more about our undergraduate programs.

Do you have any dual degree programs?

Yes, we do! You can pursue a degree in any of the following schools or colleges at U-M in addition to a Stamps degree:

Can I minor in Art & Design?

Yes! You can learn more about our minor here .

Can I major in Art & Design and minor in another program?

Absolutely! Stamps students can pursue any minor open to all U-M students.

What is the difference between a BFA and a BA?

A BFA is a studio-intensive degree in which the majority of courses are studio courses (72 credits of studio; 128 total credits). A BA in Art & Design is a liberal arts degree with more credits devoted to academic work and a broad introduction to studio work (42 credits of studio; 128 total credits). The non-studio credits for both degrees are mostly taken in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts.  Learn more about our programs.

How many students are enrolled in Stamps?

We have about 600 students.

Do Stamps students need a computer?

Yes, all first-year students need to have a Mac laptop that meets specific software and hardware requirements. Contact the U-M Computer Showcase with any questions.

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About Your Classes

Who teaches Stamps studio classes?

All studio courses are taught by faculty members.

You can learn about the courses that will be offered in upcoming semesters here.

How large will my classes be?

All our studios are capped at 19 students, and the average class size is 15.

Academic classes outside of Stamps vary in size, but 84% of all U-M undergraduate classes have fewer than 50 students, and only 5% of undergraduate classes have more than 100 students.

Do students have access to the building after hours?

Our students have access to the Art & Architecture building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Building doors are locked from 10 pm to 7 am, but students have key card access after hours.

How many hours should students expect to spend on class projects outside of class?

Typically, students are expected to work outside of class at least the same number of hours they spend in class.

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Living on North Campus

How do I get from North Campus to Central Campus, or around Ann Arbor?

U-M has a great bus system, and buses that travel between the North and Central campuses stop right outside the Art & Architecture building every few minutes. U-M students can also ride free on Ann Arbor Transportation Authority buses, which travel extensively throughout Washtenaw county, including stops at many retail and grocery stores.

If I’m a student at Stamps, do I have to live on North Campus?

Not necessarily: students have an opportunity to make requests about where they want to live, but can't be guaranteed a specific campus location, hall or room type. However, approximately 45% of all U-M freshmen do live on North Campus.

Learn about the freshman housing application process here.

Can I have a car on campus?

Students are strongly encouraged to leave their vehicles at home. The U-M parking lot located behind the Art & Architecture building has a limited number of metered parking spaces, and they fill up fast.

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Jobs and Careers

Do you find internships for students?

Well, we don’t find them for you. However, our Career Development Coordinator can help you with all your job-related questions, including internship information.

What kind of jobs can you get after graduating from Stamps?

All kinds.  Literally. Check out some examples here.

You can also read stories about some of our alumni and their careers.

Is it possible for students to have a part-time job while in school?

Yes, many students have part-time jobs and internships while they study at Stamps.

What are your job placement statistics?

At Stamps, students learn how to job search, write resumes, write cover letters, create a portfolio, network, etc. and then get themselves a great job.

Six months after graduating from Stamps, 80% of students have a full-time job in a creative field, and 15% of students are enrolled in graduate programs.

What opportunities are there for students to exhibit and sell their work?

Stamps has dedicated exhibition space in downtown Ann Arbor. Students also show work in many galleries and venues in the States and abroad.

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