Living a Creative Life

Alumni Profiles

Jack Lardis

Jack Lardis (BFA '53): Founder of Oil Drum Art

Creative Careers: Ben Van Dyke

Ben Van Dyke (MFA '06): Complexity and the Future of Design

Demetrios Argyropoulos

Demetrios Argyropoulos (BFA '87): The man behind Bergdorf's famous window displays

Joseph Keckler

An Interview with Joseph Keckler (BFA '04)

Sara Radin

Sara Radin (BA '11): Concept Design and Inspiration

Tori Terzakis

Tori Terzakis (BFA '08): Design and Inspiration

Nicolas Lampert

Nicolas Lambert (BFA '92): Community Art & Social Justice

An Interview with Rose Jaffe

Rose Jaffe (BFA '11): Street art, illustration, and social engagement in D.C.

An Interview with Michael Liang

Michael Liang (BFA '08): bringing art school culture to our national parks

An Interview with Cara Levine

Cara Levine (BFA '07) balances studio practice and social engagement

Candy Chang

Candy Chang (BFA '01): urban planning + Street art + graphic design

Advice from Mike Campau

Digital artist Mike Campau ('96) talks about becoming your own brand.

An Interview With Tim Raynard

Tim Raynard (BFA '06) talks about clay modeling for Toyota

TJ O’Keefe

An Interview with Furniture Designer and A&D Alum TJ O'Keefe