Graduate Programs

MFA Faculty

Close working relationships with faculty are a key component of graduate study at Stamps.


Applicants are asked to identify three faculty members from the list below who they feel would potentially be suitable mentors and advisors during their course of study. Clicking on each faculty’s name directs you to a profile page. For questions/concerns, please contact us.

Irina Aristarkhova Associate Professor
David Chung Professor
Jim Cogswell Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Susan Crowell Professor
Phoebe Gloeckner Associate Professor
Roland Graf Assistant Professor
Holly Hughes Professor
Carol Jacobsen Professor
Osman Khan Assistant Professor
Andy Kirshner Associate Professor
Heidi Kumao Associate Professor
Louis Marinaro Professor
Rebekah Modrak Associate Professor
Anne Mondro Associate Professor
Cynthia Pachikara Associate Professor
Janie Paul Professor
Robert Platt Assistant Professor
Marianetta Porter Professor
Endi Poskovic Professor
Michael Rodemer Professor
Stephanie Rowden Associate Professor
Sherri Smith Catherine B. Heller Collegiate Professor
Nick Tobier Associate Professor
Joseph Trumpey Associate Professor
David Turnley Associate Professor
Elona Van Gent Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Professor