This is Our Moment

Now more than ever, the world needs us — it needs a brilliant, responsive, multi-faceted education in art and design thinking. It needs transdisciplinary collaborators, global citizens, visionaries and iconoclasts.

The mission of the Stamps School of Art & Design is simple and profound —to prepare students to think in new ways, to educate them to become concerned world citizens, innovators and creative problem solvers.

This commitment requires rigorous training in the key principles of art and design, collaboration across disciplines and across continents.

Preparing a new generation to take on this role is no longer only a desired option—it is a mandate. Global warming, world health issues and our nation’s position in a global marketplace make a creative education essential.

In conjunction with the University’s five-year Victors for Michigan campaign, Stamps has identified three strategic fundraising areas – students scholarships and global education, innovative teaching and learning, and creative work and inquiry.

Below is an outline of our campaign, we hope you will join us as we work to transform art and design education here and around the world.

Each gift makes a difference. Each gift builds a bridge between where we are and where we want to be.

Our Campaign Goals

  1. Guarantee that the most capable and talented students are able to study and succeed at Stamps, regardless of income. Ensuring sufficient financial support for our students in the form of scholarships, international travel grants, and career development opportunities is the campaign’s highest priority.
  2. Transform art and design education here and around the world. Develop powerful, life-changing teaching and learning opportunities and environments for students and faculty that are socially engaged, transdisciplinary, experiential, and wide-reaching.
  3. Create the rich, inspiring conversations with public and professional communities that expand the role of creative work and inquiry. Develop public programs and research that illuminate and share new ways of thinking, seeing, and making.