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Celebration of "Animal Acts" in New York City

NYU hosts an event to celebrate the publication of Animal Acts: Performing Species Today, co-edited by Holly Hughes and Una Chaudhuri, on Friday, Sept. 19.

Anne Mondro Featured in U-M Record

Anne Mondro, Associate Professor in Art & Design, is featured in the University of Michigan Record for her teaching and research.

Shiva Ahmadi Featured: Hyperallergic

Recently on display at the Asia Society, Shiva Ahmadi's video work Lotus (2013) was reviewed by

Rebekah Modrak Exhibits Re Made Co. at Incident Report

Rebekah Modrak's Re Made Co. takes over the storefront windows of Incident Report in Hudson, New York, Aug. 14 through Sept. 14.

Bottom Feeders and The Distant Self


Bottom Feeders and The Distant Self

Delving beyond the limited thresholds of representation and likeness, this exhibition questions the definitions and confines of the “self-portrait.” Sept. 15 - Oct. 8, 2014

Pan Gongkai: Melt

Chinese master painter Pan Gongkai, a strong proponent of the tradition of ink painting in China and one of the most ardent experimenters with its forms. Sept. 12 - Oct. 11 at Work: Ann Arbor.

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How to make a headless chicken that responds to the news: @whithervanes @rootoftwo @FstoneTriennial #keepcalm



Coming soon to a mailbox near you- the new Penny Stamps calendar! Anna Deavere Smith, Pussy Riot, Superflux.... The list goes on. #yeswow #inspiration #stampsseries #umstamps #wavelengths #artschool #visitingartists



A "magic fountain of oil" Stamps prof Matt Kenyon exhibits in Sao Paulo at FileFestival!