Information For Employers

There are a number of ways in which the School of Art & Design encourages employers to connect with A&D students:

  • Posting a Position on the A&D Website
  • Recruiting on Campus
  • Attending the annual A&D Portfolio Expo
  • Becoming a Mentor

Posting a Position on the A&D Website

Please send your posting via email to John Luther with the following information:

  • Brief description of the position/project
  • How and what students should submit for your consideration
  • Deadline for submissions/application
  • Compensation involved

For specific information on how to arrange credit for an internship, please see the School of Art & Design Internship Policies.

Recruiting on Campus

To recruit on campus please start by contacting John Luther, (734) 764-0397, to arrange for the following:

  • Submission of resumes/portfolios
  • Date for visit (must be on a Friday)

A&D Portfolio Expo

Every February, employers have the opportunity to meet with A&D students to evaluate their portfolios, give constructive feedback, and at the same time find new talent. To be added to the list of participants, please contact John Luther, (734) 764-0397

Click here for a listing of previous participants.

Become a Mentor

Not hiring but want to stay connected to A&D?

Help students understand the importance of networking, creating effective self-promotion tools, honing skills, providing support outside the classroom, etc.

To become a mentor please contact John Luther, (734) 764-0397.