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Ruby Solis Cothran

My piece of artwork is about my family in Mexico, specifically, my cousin named Yair. I've never met any of my relatives in Mexico besides my Tíos and I made this piece to show the beauty of my far away familia. Even though my cousins are a whole country away, I still hear and participate with them through a phone. We might only communicate through broken Spanish and English, but the love always translates. Since I was a kid I've always dreamed about going to Mexico with my father. Now that he's there, I've missed him more than ever, and I tend to live vicariously through his photos on Facebook. The inspiration for this piece was inspired by a photo of Yair that my father posted. I've heard so much about my cousin Yair and see his warm face most times on a family call. I painted this out of love and admiration for the side of the family that I've never met but has had so much unconditional love for me. This painting is a reminder of them always carrying love in their hearts and staying strong, motivating me to prevail, if not for me, then for them.

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