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Course Fees and Student Expense Reimbursements

This document is intended for use by students and faculty at the Penny Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan to provide an overview of and protocol for course fees, refunds and student expense reimbursements.

Receipt Reimbursement Form

It is sometimes necessary to pay out of pocket for expenses. Depending upon the type of expense, a reimbursement can be made via petty cash or a non-PO voucher.

Petty cash reimbursements are possible for business related supply purchases under $200. The University’s Cashier Office imposes a maximum reimbursement of $200 per receipt per day. Two valid pieces of identification are required for this method of reimbursement. Receipts in excess of $200 will need to be processed via a non-PO voucher. Receipts for travel and hosting expenses will be processed on a Travel and Hosting Expense Report.

Non-PO vouchers can be processed for business related supply purchases regardless of amount. Any purchases in excess of $5,000 must have prior approval from a Procurement Buyer.

Reimbursements for cash paid for services cannot be done on a non-PO voucher. Please consult with the Finance Office and/or Human Resources to determine the appropriate method for paying for services. You should not pay temporary staff/contractors out of pocket under any circumstance, as University policy may not allow reimbursement.

You can expect payment within 30 days of the submission of your reimbursement paperwork. If after 30 days you have not received payment, please contact the Finance Office to investigate the status.

Supplemental Course Fees

Some course activities/projects may require supplies that are not covered by and existing course fee.  The studio coordinators make these supplies available to student for an additional course fee.  Students must complete the Art & Design Supplement Lab Fee Authorization Form in order to have the cost of the supplies billed to their student accounts.  The alternative is to write a check payable to The University of Michigan for the cost of the supplies.