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50% of your Stamps admissions decision is based on your portfolio.

In this video, Stamps Recruiting Coordinator Juliana gives inside information on the kinds of work we like to see and tips on how to make your portfolio stand out.

Your port­fo­lio should include:

  • 12 – 15 pieces of your best and most recent work, including
  • 2 design or direct obser­va­tional draw­ings. Learn about how Stamps defines these below:

Design draw­ing: a draw­ing of a design you devel­oped for a prod­uct, gar­ment, space, pat­tern design, a graphic novel spread, or an archi­tec­tural draw­ing. A design draw­ing empha­sizes visu­al­iza­tion over direct observation.

Obser­va­tional draw­ing: a draw­ing of a sub­ject that you have directly observed. An obser­va­tional draw­ing could be a col­lec­tion of objects set up on a table that you observe, a per­son mod­el­ing in front of you, a build­ing you are view­ing, or a land­scape out­side of your win­dow. Keep in mind: An obser­va­tional draw­ing would not include draw­ing some­thing from a photo, from your imag­i­na­tion, or from memory.

Check out the videos below for tips on obser­va­tional draw­ing from Stamps senior Mag­gie McConnell (BFA 21).

Keep in mind:

  • Empha­size exper­i­men­ta­tion, con­cept, and a range of media
  • Include class assign­ments and self-directed work
  • Answer the ques­tion, Why did I cre­ate this?” for each work’s description
  • Your appli­ca­tion will be con­sid­ered com­plete only after you have sub­mit­ted your portfolio

Port­fo­lio Reviews

We know that each school is dif­fer­ent, and it can be chal­leng­ing to con­sider what to include when curat­ing your port­fo­lio. The Stamps Admis­sions Team would be happy to pro­vide some feed­back to help you decide which pieces would ben­e­fit your port­fo­lio sub­mis­sion. Click the link below to set up an infor­mal infor­mal port­fo­lio review with a Stamps Admis­sions coun­selor via email.

Sub­mit­ting Your Portfolio

Early dead­line : Novem­ber 1
Reg­u­lar dead­line : Feb­ru­ary 1

Port­fo­lios are sub­mit­ted through Slid­e­Room. You will receive a link to Slid­e­Room through your Com­mon Appli­ca­tion or Coali­tion Appli­ca­tion.

There is a $10 trans­ac­tion fee to sub­mit your port­fo­lio. Stu­dents who receive a Common/​Coalition Appli­ca­tion fee waiver will auto­mat­i­cally receive a Slid­e­Room fee waiver.

For tech­ni­cal assis­tance with Slid­e­Room, visit sup​port​.slid​e​room​.com.

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