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Penny Stamps Speaker Series

Matthew Carter & Roger Black

Type: Design and Changing Technology

March 8, 2012

Matthew Carter & Roger Black

Type designer and MacArthur Fellow Matthew Carter is principal of Carter & Cone Type Inc. He is also a Royal Designer for Industry, and a Senior Critic on Yale’s Graphic Design faculty. His type designs include ITC Galliard, Snell Roundhand and Shelley scripts, Helvetica Compressed, Olympian (for newspaper text), Bell Centennial (for the US telephone directories), ITC Charter, and faces for Greek, Hebrew, Cyrillic and Devanagari. For Carter & Cone he designed Mantinia, Sophia, Big Caslon, Alisal and Miller. For Microsoft he designed the screen fonts Verdana, Tahoma and Georgia.

For 40 years, working with magazines like Rolling Stone, newspapers like The New York Times and web sites like, Roger Black has been developing better ways to communicate content. His teams have redesigned Reader’s Digest, Esquire, Scientific American, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. Black is currently design director of Nomad Editions, a group of digital weeklies, and a partner in the Font Bureau and Danilo Black. In the last year he helped launch four new companies: Webtype, Treesaver, Ready-Media and Nomad Editions.

With support from AIGA: Detroit–the professional association for design.

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