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Mark Dion

Follies in Public Art

September 29, 2011

Mark Dion

For Mark Dion, architectural follies — Baroque idiosyncratic structures, water gardens and grottos — are a model for contemporary public art practice, forcing architecture and landscape design to extremes of innovative experimentation. Dion’s large-scale public projects include a Captain Nemo-like interior constructed in a gas tank in Essen, Germany, a fire escape-like vertical garden in London, and a large scale folly in Norway featuring a massive sculpture of a sleeping bear resting on a hill of material culture from the neolithic to the present. He is currently working with the architectural firm of James Corner Field Operations on the visual art programming and redesign of the Seattle Waterfront. 

With support from the Institute for the Humanities, the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) and the Museum Studies Program.

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