The Stamps School is accepting applications for our new MDes in Integrative Design.

Now more than ever, design professionals are being asked to play a leading role in addressing unpredictable, fast-changing and ambiguous conditions in non-design settings. The Stamps MDes in Integrative Design aligns graduate education with the best in emerging professional practice, dissolving traditional professional and educational silos to prepare a new generation of nimble, empathic design practitioners, capable of working with diverse team members in a broad range of contexts and possible futures.

Graduates of the MDes program will have two years experience working as part of a cross-disciplinary design studio, collaborating with key industry stakeholders and research, policy, and business partners from across campus. During the two years, the studio will grapple with a variety of client-based, complex, open-ended challenges within a single big issue or “wicked problem.”

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“This is one of the best integrations of design approaches in an MDes program that I've seen anywhere in North America.”

Peter Jones, author of Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience and Associate Professor, OCAD University

The wicked problem for the incoming classes of 2018-20 will be Equity and Access.

Major questions for the 2018-20 cohorts will include:

We are seeking experienced applicants from a wide range of disciplines (product design, communication design, interaction design, etc.) who are interested in expanding their understanding of research, design methods, and cross-disciplinary collaborative design strategies as they apply to complex, ambiguous problems. We will also consider qualified candidates with education and experience related to the wicked problem who have experienced the design process in a professional setting and wish to expand their knowledge of design while building on their prior education.

A ‘wicked’ problem is a social or cultural problem that is difficult or impossible to solve. It is multi-causal and socio-culturally complex, it may involve changing attitudes and behaviors and have unforeseen outcomes, and the definition of the problem itself depends on who is doing the defining. Solutions are not true-or-false, right-or-wrong, but instead are better or worse.
Examples include: climate change, universal healthcare, crime, energy, poverty, waste, and social injustice.

MDes Program Attributes

Successful Applicants will be:


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