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Branding Guidelines

As a community of creative makers we are continually producing materials connected with our activities, programs, exhibitions, classes, and presentations. Stamps benefits from the diversity of graphic communication styles that target its many audiences. But without unifying visual guidelines, the materials we produce can appear disconnected, making us less recognizable as a school and confusing our audiences about who we are and what we do.

We have a common interest in reinforcing our reputation for institutional excellence and increasing our visibility as a school. In order to this, we must be disciplined about our visual identity.

The following materials present not just a visual mark to unify our activities but a means for collectively communicating who we are to all our audiences —internal and external. At the same time, these guidelines allow considerable discretion in expressing the unique qualities of Stamps and its various creative activities.

This document, prepared by the Stamps communications team, provides guidelines for using the key graphic elements of the Stamps visual identity: the Stamps logo and wordmark, the Stamps typeface, and Stamps colors.

It focuses on print publications, with general guidelines for the web, and provides resources and downloads to ensure consistent usage. It also provides guidelines for use of the Stamps School name in text.

Together, these materials provide a foundation for organizational visual identity—along with a strong connection to the University of Michigan—without constraining the range of graphic possibilities.