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Sebastian Llovera

Lecturer I

Sebastian Llovera


Curriculum Vitae
  • MFA, U‑M Stamps School of Art & Design
  • BFA, Painting, Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes (Caracas, Venezuela)

From the beginning of his artistic career, Sebastian Llovera has been interested mainly in the behavior of (material-mental) phenomena and their ability to act as symbolic generators. Llovera uses different media as triggers to reflect on reality and the human condition. His projects usually take shape in installations, where the use of found objects plays a leading role. In his work, elements such as archives, scientific documents and maps stand out, as well as the use of tools such as photography, cyanotype, machine learning processes and augmented reality, among others. With his work he seeks to generate questions on various topics such as space-time, history, the socio-political context and systemic thought, among others. Allowing the participant to establish multiple relationships and meanings, his proposals usually leave room for indeterminacy and possibilities, assuming a behavior in tune with the modus operandi of what is conceived as the Cosmos.

He has participated in exhibitions at the CICA Museum of Contemporary Art (South Korea), the Eve-Maria Zimmermann International Biennial of Emerging Contemporary Art (BACOS) (Spain), and at the Museum of the National University of Colombia (Bogotá), among others. His recognitions include the First Place of the XXII Youth Hall with FIA, Caracas, Venezuela and the nomination for the BLOOOM 2017 awards, Dusseldorf, Germany.