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Mayela Rodriguez

Mayela Rodriguez

Graduate Student, MFA Program


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B.A. Art Practice, University of California, Berkeley, 2015


My work typically focuses on the concept of “value” in regard to artistic labor. I am fascinated by the apparent binary between the “normed” societal/monetary value of art versus the artistic/inherent value that is embedded in the work itself. I often explore this by performing menial and repetitive tasks with a variety of media in order to produce artifacts of my labor. I also employ the conceptual frameworks of ubiquitous institutions as a form of “non-traditional” media. For instance, some of my projects may incorporate basic business theory in order to critique and subvert contemporary business practices while continuing to operate within their constraints. While at Stamps, I plan to push this further by creating a liminal space straddled between art and business that examines and reveals what one may learn from the other.

Prior to Ann Arbor, my practice was based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I received my B.A. in Art Practice from the University of California, Berkeley in 2015 with High Honors as well as a minor in Spanish Language & Literatures.


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