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Laura Magnusson

Laura Magnusson

Graduate Student, MFA Program


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BFA Honors (Sculpture Thesis), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada, 2010


Laura Magnusson is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist with a background in large-scale sculpture. Since graduating with her BFA Honors from University of Manitoba in 2010, she has produced a permanent public sculpture for University of Manitoba, carried out site-specific, collaborative work with beluga whales in Canada’s North, exhibited at Canadian artist-run centres, and participated in residency and mentorship programs. Magnusson has received production and research support from Canada Council for the Arts, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, and Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art.

Through making art, I seek to slow the rush of time. Sculpture, the primary medium of my multidisciplinary practice, allows me to isolate a specific moment of a far-reaching narrative, pull it from a speeding torrent, and suspend it for prolonged consideration. Questions pertaining to value, justice, and control underpin my investigations.

Although I grew up on the prairies far from the ocean, water has always been a through line in my work. My fascination with the aquatic universe, mythical and unmapped, eventually lured me over 1000 miles to the oceanfront of Hudson Bay in Canada’s North. It was no longer enough to get at the sea from an isolated studio – I had to bring myself to the edge and become submerged in my metaphors. Here, I worked to dissolve boundaries between disciplines by spearheading a collaborative, integrated arts project that involved the region’s whale population. Over three years, creative interaction was explored through musical exchange and dance-like canoe movement on the water.

I am interested in the richly detailed self-worlds of other creatures. I can never know fully what it is like to be a whale… but perhaps I can get 0.00000005% of the way there. To engage this potential, I will spend a portion of my MFA under the sea, gaining first-hand insight into what it means to move through the world in three-dimensions.


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