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Kady Jesko

Kady Jesko

Graduate Student, MDes Program


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BFA in Graphic Design, Central Michigan University


I was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. My career focuses on design, with a range of influence stemming from art, development, entrepreneurship, and innovative technology. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University, I began designing at small agency centralized on graphic and visual work that encompassed web, brand, and product marketing. It was during this time I had a palpable shift happening within my work, expanding from being primarily visual to including user experience design fixated on interaction and usability. From here I proceeded to collaborate on projects centered around visual interfaces, which led me to join Google as a visual designer. While there, I actually found myself working not only on visual design, but also interface design and usability testing for the new Android Nougat cross-device sign-in experience as part of the identity team. It was here I was able to incorporate IA, usability, prototyping, and HCI process standards into my daily tasks. Beyond this, I became exposed to innovating transformative design at Stanford's d.school through attending and judging undergraduate student projects centered within the realms of UX. From here I obtained a role more centralized to the full user experience design process, focusing on cognitive accessibility and usability to expand on my proficiencies. I even took on a long-term freelancing role heading design for a B2B carpooling startup that is partnered with Lyft. Here I have the chance to design around specific use-case scenarios for application experience as well as develop a personalized understanding of information centered around autonomous vehicles - an interested that initially arose during experimental interface work on a small project for Google's Self-Driving Car. For me, it was during this time that I realized I want to develop design that pushes new technological boundaries; recently reaching a point where I knew I wanted to evolve my intelligence of visual interfaces structured around user-centered design. Here, my interest lies within broadening my innovative understanding of future integrated design while defining specifics for interaction and experience. These interests stem to include specifics such as: search, iOS/Android applications, autonomous vehicles, product-specific technologies, software, consumer-electronics, web, and even healthcare - which is just one of the fundamental aspects of the program that was so appealing.


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