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Bridget Quinn

Bridget Quinn

Graduate Student, MFA Program


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BFA Art, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design


When I was a child, I discovered beauty in the margins—the weedy construction sites, the overgrown stormwater retention ponds with their odd symmetry, and the woods behind my home. I threw rocks at the water tower just to hear the satisfying timbre of their impact and imagined possible histories when I discovered an arrowhead embedded in the bark of a tree. These un-manicured and unsupervised spaces were places of freedom, transitional in space and time.

The traffic islands and un-manicured interstitial spaces that are woven through the city serve both as places of inspiration and places of creative production. There, in the not-quite-nature and not-quite-city, narratives rise to the surface with nobody there to control the story completely. These places are filled with potential, stages already embedded with dramas and all the props needed to act out little fantasies about how things are and how things could be. Play uncovers the poetry in the landscape.

Through happenings, photography and sculpture; my work explores the ways “ordinary places” around me are shaped, and how they shape us and our relationships to each other. It’s my belief that through observation and play and investigation we can become reconnected to the world around us and each other. 


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