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Sophia Brueckner awarded U-M Arts Initiative Grant

October 28, 2020

Sophia Brueckner is part of an interdisciplinary team awarded one of the U-M Arts Initiative Pilot Grants.
The project, Fair Representation in Arts and in Data, analyzes representation in art through the application of algorithms to images of people in the U-M Museum of Art’s collection. The team includes Jing Liu, managing director of the Michigan Institute for Data Science; Kerby Shedden, professor of statistics and director of the Center for Statistical Consultation and Research; David Choberka, curator for university and learning programs at the U-M Museum of Art; and John Turner, senior manager of museum technology, U-M Museum of Art).

“Our strengths and opportunities are clear—U-M is a leader in arts research, creation, education, and presentation. As this initiative matures in the years ahead, we will have the opportunity to create new dimensions of U-M excellence through the arts—ones that are perhaps unknown to us today.”
—President Mark S. Schlissel

Illustration by Stamps student Shannon Yeung
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Sophia Brueckner awarded U-M Arts Initiative Grant