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Megan Flood Featured on “The Takeaway”

September 20, 2011

National Public Radio’s The Takeaway (WNYC) recently interviewed Megan Flood about her 2010 IP project, “Living Without Doorknobs”, as part of NPR’s Poverty week.

...a listener named Megan Flood tweeted at us to tell us about her senior thesis project on poverty and homelessness she completed while at the University of Michigan. Flood spent six months conducting weekly interviews with Jospeh Gill, a newly homeless man living in a tent city in Ann Arbor.

Gill owned his own marketing business before losing it during the recession, and talking with him gave her a new understanding of what it means to be homeless. She started “Living Without Doorknobs”, a documentation of Gill’s experience aimed at creating greater awareness of homelessness in America.


Megan Flood Featured on “The Takeaway”

Photo courtesy of Joseph Gill and Megan Flood