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Jordyn Fishman in Detroit News

Girl 3 close
Image courtesy of Jordyn Fishman. 

Jordyn Fishman (BFA 19) was featured in the Detroit News for the inclusion of her triptych painting, Together We Roar! Pt. 2, in Finding Our Voice: Sister Survivors Speak, an exhibition on view through March 2020 at the MSU Museum. An exhibition designed to honor those abused by MSU sports doctor Larry Nassar, the exhibition was co-curated over the course of a year by young survivors, mothers, and other allies, alongside museum staff.

The idea of the triptych was extremely intentional,” Fishman said. It functions in both linear and cyclical time. The linear elements speak to my chronological experiences. The cyclical element,” in which details from the first canvas reappear, altered and triumphant, in the third, matters because trauma is emotionally cyclical.” 

The work, she added, is a gift to all her sister-survivors. 

The painting is not just for myself, but for the Army of Survivors,” Fishman said. It’s a huge thank you and tribute to them, because without their voices, I wouldn’t have had the strength or understanding to make this work.”

Finding Our Voice’ at MSU — a powerful museum show on Nassar scandal | Detroit News