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John Marshall: Drawing on Sculpture

March 1, 2010

From April 2 - May 2, Rootoftwo - a collaborative partnership between Assistant Professor John Marshall and Cezanne Charles - participate in “Drawing on Sculpture”, at Haggerty Art Gallery, University of Dallas. 

Over a dozen artists exhibit a diversity of drawing techniques and practices from sketchbooks to digital renderings. The attached image is an exploded drawing of ‘Torvald’ from the work ‘Et Dukkehjem’. The starting point of this work was a re-reading of Henrik Ibsen’s play “A Doll’s House” (1879) to explore user-object relationships. ‘Torvald’ was realized in birch plywood with a micro-controller, sensors, speakers and audio. There is a photocell embedded in the seat of ‘Torvald’. This sends a message when it registers darkness (i.e. when someone sits down). This triggers a randomly selected line of dialogue from the play to be played as audio. For example: “This time I needn’t sit here and be dull all alone. You have just come at a fortunate moment” or “How unreasonable and how ungrateful you are. What sort of madness is this! Can you not understand your place in your own home?”

John Marshall: Drawing on Sculpture