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Jessica Frelinghuysen Featured

November 17, 2009

A&D Lecturer Jessica Frelinghuysen’s work, including a write up of her screenprinted Paperhelmets series is featured in the November issue of the Danish Magazine Ud&Se. 
The Paperhelmets series was also recently featured on Wired UK.

I am interested in how people respond to one another through verbal and physical negotiation and how individual space or community can be made through fabricated art objects.  Borrowing on architectural and industrial design aesthetics allows the work to subversively ‘blend in’ to its environment, while standing out just a bit from the norm.

Jessica Frelinghuysen: Paperhelmets
DSB: Ud & Se
Wired UK: The ‘helmet to hear oneself speak’

Jessica Frelinghuysen Featured

Helmet to Hear Oneself Speak: Words bounce into the mouth shield and are reflected to the ear shields, causing the wearer to hear their own voice.  This causes the wearer to speak softer, a feature which is also good for noisy disruptive cell phone users.