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Heidi Kumao Exhibits & Lectures at Dlectricity

September 25, 2014

Heidi Kumao will be exhibiting her video installation, “Egress,” at Detroit Artists Market as part of Dlectricity on Friday & Saturday, Sept. 26 - 27, from 7 pm - midnight.

Kumao will speak about her piece Saturday, Sept. 27 at 6 pm at Detroit Artists Market.

In “Egress,” women stifled under an authoritarian regime reclaim self-determination by reading banned books to create their own reality from books’ - and even pages’ - physicality.

“Egress,” is a video projection onto a large stack of books and the wall behind it. The piece runs as a continuous video loop that is 6:30 min. and has an accompanying detailed sound track. Animated segments, live action video and collaged photos all fuse together to create the peculiar cityscape in which events unfold. Part shadow play, part documentary, part optical illusion, this “situated cinema” work uses visual storytelling to poetically frame political and historical events.



Heidi Kumao Exhibits & Lectures at Dlectricity